About Me

Hello world,

My name is Kendra Paige and I became interested in photography with the birth of my first child. Throughout the years I came to love it more and more, and it went from being a hobby to my passion. In fact, the passion was so great that I decided to pursue it as a career.

Recently I heard a quote online that said, "photographers are not photographers, they are historians.” That quote resonated with me because those significant moments in someone's life should be captured in print. A memory can fade over time, but seeing "life" in print makes it more real and vivid to those who were there and to whom they want to share their experience with. No matter if it’s people or places, it's a period in time that cannot be duplicated.

It is a blessing whenever a person or family trusts me to share in their special day, whether it is to witness the first cry of a newborn baby, to see the “I do’s” exchanged, graduation, a lifestyle session, concerts, a vacation with a family… Every one of those moments is spectacular to someone and it is my goal to capture that!


My goal for each of my clients is to capture a story­; their present moment, that is quickly their history, to share with their loved ones and friends.

Spectacular Moments was created to capture the authentic moments in my client’s lives to look back on and remember those special moments, to help them tell their stories, no matter the occasion.

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