One Love by Kendra Leny

 Concept: Kendra Paige & John Souki; Model: Theresa Rousselot-Vandiver; HAMU: Carissa Martin

Concept: Kendra Paige & John Souki; Model: Theresa Rousselot-Vandiver; HAMU: Carissa Martin

Growing up in school, learning about some of the most trivial and impacting issues of our human history (colonization, wars, racism, mass murders, etc.), we would have never imagined such events taking place in our lifetime, at least to the same degree as in earlier years. We've always imagined living in a world where we could all co-exist as brothers and sisters, without hatred based on the pigment of our skin, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc., but if something has become certain with every passing year is the fact that hatred of any kind is still a severe disease permeating our minds, hearts, and spirits, and thus negatively affecting this beautiful Earth we live in.

Living in Indiana, where we are currently going through a wave of political turmoil due to the recently-enacted RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act), hatred and inequality towards the LGBT community by select religious groups is very much alive, and we couldn't bear to stand still and not express our feelings regarding it. We wanted to create a photographic canvas depicting our support for equal human rights for all, and show that beauty isn't defined by an individual's sexual orientation. To all our amazing and beautiful models, thank you for taking part in bringing a beautiful light to this very ugly issue, and I can only hope that this will fuel a flame of love that will transcend Indiana, all across the world.

Models: Theresa Rousselot-Vandiver, Alyse Small, Cambria Tobin, Samantha Brotherton, Jett Waddell, Christopher Sifford.

HAMU: Carissa Martin & Christopher Sifford

The Indianapolis Zoo by Kendra Leny

According to this week's weather forecast, today was set to be the warmest day, so I really wanted to take some photos of the animals at the Indianapolis Zoo, in the snow, before it all melted away. I didn't count on the non-stop rain, but the great thing about today is that there was almost no one there! Since Indiana is not known for an assortment of wildlife, the zoo is the best place to capture some really majestic animals. It's my dream to one day photograph these beings in their natural habitats.

The shots shared here were some of my favorite from the day. I will definitely get back out there as soon as the weather is warmer and dry, with more of these beauties out and about!

I would love to hear your thoughts & please share what some of your favorite animals are at the zoo!