Kendra Paige

I became interested in photography with the birth of my first child. Throughout the years I came to love it more and more, and it went from being a hobby to my passion. In fact, the passion was so great that I decided to pursue it as a career that has taken me in directions that I did not know my life would ever lead.

A quote online,  "photographers are not photographers, they are historians.” That quote resonated with me because there are spectacular moments in all our lives and so many go by without capturing them. A memory can fade over time, but seeing a moment that cannot be regained captured in print makes it more real and vivid to those who were there and to whom they want to share their experience with in the future. No matter if it’s people or places or animal's lives, it's a period in time that cannot be duplicated.

When a person wants me to share in their moments, when they entrust me to create a concept and art piece for them, when they love my work and put it on their walls, it is a blessing that I never take for granted. 


Our present moments will quickly become our history. I look forward to capturing your Moments.

Conceptual Photographer

My photography started back in 2012 as a hobby and became a profession a couple years later. Capturing moments of creativity and art for my clients is something that I strive to do every time I am behind my cameras.

Fine Art Photographer

I find beauty in a variety of things and some times they are images captured that I feel some people get so busy with their lives that they overlook them. I hope that my clients find beauty in my fine art and it envokes a feeling for them. 


Animal Photographer

Photographing animals is something that I will forever do. Their beauty, uniqueness, soul, true nature of each of them is magnificent to see and capture in photographs. 


Concert Photography

I have enjoyed capturing photographs of Carrie Underwood, Sam Hunt, Miranda Lambert, En Vogue, Jason Aldean, Gwen Stafani, Fitz and the Tantrum, and dozens of other Artists. Seeing the artists living their passion is a blessing that I enjoy every time I have the opportunity to photograph them. I look forward to photographing artists as often as possible. 


Creating one of a kind pieces has become a passion of mine for photo shoots. I have created dresses, headpieces and jewelry out of sea shells, vhs tape, safety pins, flowers, etc to create conceptual ideas.

Event Coordinator

SM Conceptual was created in 2015, when I began coordinating shoots with hair artists, make up artists, models, body painters, photographers, etc to create conceptual/fashion/avant-garde shoots. Seeing a concept from thought to fruition is something that brings me such joy.

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